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What's next in .NET?

Download .NET 8.0 Preview for Windows

What's new in .NET 8?

Preview .NET 8 for an enhanced app building experience with easy container creation, cross-platform versatility, improved Linux support, and secure supply chain capabilities. Start building better today!

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Follow, comment, and contribute to .NET 8 planning and features.

Community Standups

Join and chat with the .NET teams live on YouTube.


Engage with the community and .NET engineering teams.


Ask questions and discuss feature development with the .NET community.

Latest videos

Full Stack Blazor

The Blazor team shares early thoughts on using Blazor in .NET 8 to create a single unified model for all your web UI scenarios.

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Entity Framework Core

Join the Entity Framework team discuss the plan that they published for EF Core 8 and other data access work in .NET 8.

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Blazor in .NET 8

Find out our early plans for Blazor in .NET 8 and let us know what you think!

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